Monday, 21 August 2017

Just like starting over.

I feel I am in the foetal stages of my re-invention and feeling great about things.  I have sacrificed my old life completely, given myself to music in search of creativity and inspiration for creation.  I feel I don´t really have the heart for this old blog anymore, so I am thinking of starting a brand new one.  I have been starting again in so many ways, I think this could be another way to rejuvinate my thoughts and rambles in to a fresh new page of a new notebook.

I feel the Dead Sea Captain and the last 5 years I have been keeping this blog has been an incredible chapter, but it is time to start a new one.  Put it behind me now, and immerse myself even more into the artist and music and stories I create.  I´m already excited by the thought, so I´m off to do that now.  Find me by googling Wintson Freeman Berlin blog.  Adios (To God)

Zappas Vibrations

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