Sunday, 6 March 2016

Let the world know you are here

The sun is getting warmer and the tulips and daffodils are in bloom, that can mean only one thing.  The darkness of Winter is receding, making way for the best season....Spring!  It is still in battle though, one day will be sunny and warm and you think it will be like this always, and then the next day is cold, dank and miserable.  I love to see how the seasons battle with each other.  You can feel the warm sun of Spring, mixed with the cold winter winds.  But we are on the cusp of the start of the brand new season of sunshine and adventure with much more music and memories to make.

I have been using my time well here in Amsterdam, having a little inner journey myself.  Not drinking alcohol and I am thinking a lot about the future and my life.  I want to spend the rest of my thirties seeing as much of the world as possible and not giving up on my dream.  When I first started playing music and believing in myself, all's I wanted to do was travel the world and play music.  I thought I would be playing big stadiums and living in a tour bus.  I am still living that dream albeit busking to hundreds of passers by's a day and hitch hiking from city to city.

 When you stop dreaming, you age very quickly.  You have gotta have something to live for, and even if you never make it, it is much more fun spending your life trying to!  I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  When Niz first left, I looked at jobs and ways to make money and take a rest from living this life.  But I quickly realised I could never do anything else.  I am too selfish with my time.  I believe that is our sacred gift and it is how you spend your time that really matters,.

I love to wake up on a Monday morning, smoke a little joint draw a picture in my book, write in my notebook and play and sing my heart out.  I love the notion of filling notebooks with drawings, lyrics, and ideas.  It is as exciting to start a new notebook as it is to fill in the last page.  It is leaving a part of you on this world after you die.  The same with music.  Songs you record live much longer than you and your great grand-kids or relatives can listen in the future and build a picture of you.

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