Thursday, 22 March 2018

Get On With It!!

Although it has been an immobile 2 weeks now, it has been a productive one.  Lots of white paper filled with ink, a few new songs learnt and some new ideas formulated.  A good detox from the beer and although I was sad I couldn’t venture out into the sunshine at first, I was just happy to see it after a dark winter, and even though I was bedridden – it made me feel a lot better.  I have re-found my excitement for writing on the computer again, I have bonded with the family I was becoming quite distant with, I have eaten great food and watched some great films and read a few books.  It’s been like a little holiday, but now I am itching to get back to the busking.
Two of the new songs I have learned are “Ol Man River” Which I have been listening to at least twenty times a day; I just really love that song.  And the other is “Hang me” by Dave Van Ronk, but played so perfectly by Oscar Isaac in what I think is one of my favourite films ever – “Inside LLewen Davies”. It really hits home that film, and you feel the struggle and hard ships of bleeding for your art.  A series of bad decisions and bad luck can put you in a loop of repeating the same mistakes until you keep spiralling downwards.
But I just want to say a massive thanks to my body for growing me a whole new layer of skin on my foot and to the beautiful family I stay with for looking after me so well. For someone who never gets ill or injured (touch wood) – It has been a real knock down from my perch.  But enough about my bloody foot; I hate to say how ill I am and feel weak.  Perhaps because whenever I got ill or injured as a kid I never got any sympathy from my mum, so I never felt the desire to be ill to get attention like some kids grow up to need.
I have never relied on any one in this world but myself.  My upbringing taught me to do things myself.  If you want something – go out and get it.  I never relied on people to support me. Of course, I have been helped and supported by other people in the past, but I have never taken that for granted.  I have always had a strong drive to just do things myself and as my mother says…”Get on with it!”

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