Saturday, 22 April 2017

5 Years

It was nearly 5 years ago on the 5th of May 2012 when I set out on a pink moon for some adventures with just my guitar and an open heart, and in that time I have grown so much as an artist and person, I wouldn´t change a thing.  The sleeping on park benches, hitching on the freeway, bunking the trains, busking the markets, all of it has filled me with the most beautiful memories and brought wonderful, like minded people into my life.

I have filled many notebooks with drawings, thoughts, lyrics, songs and doodles. Written and recorded 5 albums,  but why do I do it?  I have been asking myself that.  Why do we fill these books and write songs.  Even if the idea of success fades the older you get, you still hold on to the idea that you are doing something good in the world.  By creating something that wasn´t there before.  You are putting a piece of yourself into the world.  And also, I couldn´t imagine doing anything else with my life.

I love to spend a rainy day colouring and drawing for hours and hours, I love to busk in the Ubahns and make a hat of geld, spend it all the next day and then head out again to sing for my supper.  I love to be able to do whatever I want.  The very idea of a job and a boss does not work to well for me.  I have tried it in the past, but even though the money comes and goes and rolls and flows through the holes in the pockets of my clothes, I don´t answer to anybody but myself.  I can quite happily spend the days filling white paper with many different inks, singing like Louis Armstrong at midnight in the ubahns.

I don´t have a home as such, but instead stay with wonderful people and friends I have met along this journey.  If I wanted to leave for anywhere tomorrow I could go.  That feeling is precious to me, just like the hours that flutter away, freedom and time are the most valuable things we could ever posses.  Berlin has a hold of me though, and I feel it is wrong to leave here when it is full of such positive and good vibes, and filled with beautiful, colourful and creative people.  Let me tell you about last night....

I had spent my last few euroes on a trip to the spátty, and then a pint of Imperial Special stuff at the kiwi bar and had a chuck o darts.  Knowing I needed to go busking, but not really feeling up for it I went to Rathaus Steglitz ubahn.  It is under construction so no shops, and a nice warm reverb.  I had just set up when 2 BVG guys said I can´t play here.  I tried to break through their uniform, and hit a chord with them.  We spoke for about half an hour, and I said ´Why don´t you just let Berlin, be Berlin.´ The main instigator tells me he is a musician himself and I say ahhh it makes sense now.  When he tells me he is better than me, I laugh loud and say, well on this Friday night, I am making music, and you are stopping it.  Ok I will go, catch me if you can..

That was the jist of it anyway,  so I went to my favourite station, and even though I had been there 3 times already this week I thought fuck it.  Be like the gypsies.  They play for ten hours a day, 2 songs on a loop and hit the same stations.  It was quite late about half nine when I started.  I had one beer and a little hash.  I started playing and the drops were coming in.  I was really connecting with the songs and my voice.  A guy came and sat, made a joint and gave me a big handful of weed!  I kept playing and then someone I was hoping to bump into walked past and we exchanged smiles.  Just as the beer was running out, I look up from closing my eyes and this beautiful girl is handing me a Radeberger Beer. A very fine German Pilsener.  I just laugh and say I love it I love it I love it.

I play for another half hour and in that time as I was smoking 4 boys start walking past with a hip hop beat playing on a ghetto blaster.  I get in with the rhythm and start rapping The Fresh Prince and they love it.  They all chuck in a handful of coins and we fist bomb.  I just laugh to myself in love with this city.  I finish the night with around 50 euroes, feeling exhilarated I was strict and did not eat a doner.  Eating them last thing at night, really makes that belly swell.  So if I have one now, I eat it late afternoon and use the energy it gives you.

I feel I am going with the rhythm of the city.  Trusting my instinct.  Going busking and not worrying too much about what I make, just that I enjoyed myself and put my whole heart into the music that some people connect with.  Although it is needed, I don´t let money be the main factor of busking.  Be happy with whatever you get and just enjoy yourself.

Today, I head East...Get a much needed hair cut and maybe enjoy a Rothaus Pils.  Ahhhhh, bliss...x

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