Monday, 24 April 2017

Gig Night Tonight!!!

I love that feeling, when you wake up you are in a different frame of mind, counting down and using well the hours before you have to be there.  Arrive at an empty club, and hope and watch it fill up.  Getting the sound all nice and then playing that first chord in the hope you connect well with the songs and the crowd.  Everything plays a part to a good performance.  If it is a nice vibe from the crowd, a chilled bar, good sound system, lots of stuff.  I got a good feeling tonight is gonna be a good one.

Been practising this new set all morning and feeling so proud of how it is sounding.  And as the band joins me, it will grow and grow from this positive and fresh root.  Feeling so fresh and excited about life again!  Every day is a new day, and the sunny days are just around the corner.  I am in the most vibrant city in the world and loving it.  I have been going with the rhythm of the city and I feel she has truly welcomed me and been looking after me.  It´s strange, but just like Kan Tiki, you feel at one with the forces that move this world if you go with the flow and your instinct.

Yesterday was such a joy, I had just started the first song, and a woman wanted to buy a cd, she only had a twenty and I didn´t have any money in the world.  I said "Ahh, just take it, love"  She was asking people walking by for change, but noone had any, so she apologised with a smile and went to take her train.  About ten minutes later this other woman was putting a business card in my pocket saying she had a restaurant and would love me to play there, when the other woman came back with a crisp ten euroes and bought my CD.  It really touched my heart this.  I put my hand on my heart and thanked her.

I went out expecting to make a couple of euroes and in the end made a nice hat and had some lovely experiences.  Ahhhh, what a kick busking is hey.  But gigs are great aswell, as they make you really practise your set and songs, busking you can do what you want, but gigs are a show and require a different mindset, which I love.  I´m hoping this busking band comes together nicely, double bass, guitar and cajon would be a great start and been getting some nice messages.

Well, was just a quick one this, but also to stay in the habit of writing every day.  See sou at the gig tonight. x

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